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Theatrical Films
Animation Film
Home Video
TV & Radio Ad-Spots

These are some of Dubbing assignments undertaken by us

Television :-
Dubbed in
  Chinese Herbal Tea
Hindi, Marathi,Gujrati, Bengali
and Panjabi
  Telebrands Urdu, Hindi, Panjabi
  MAD - make it easy Hindi, English

Pogo (Best childrens show-ITA Award 2009)

Films dubbed for Television:-

Original language Dubbed in
  Haunted Mansion
English Hindi
  Undersiege English Hindi
  Mummy Returns English Hindi
  Billy Madison English Hindi
  Shaolin Kung Fu English Hindi
  Quest of the Dragon English Hindi
  Out For A Kill English Hindi
  In Hell English Hindi
  Nine Lives English Hindi
  GhostBusters English Hindi
  Sharkboy & Lavagirl English Hindi
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